Purpose of the project:

Raising the capacity of victims of corruption deeds to solve their complaints through legal and administrative measures.

Project duration:
March 2014 – February 2016

Project coordinated by Transparency International Secretariat, together with:

  • Transparency International Romania
  • Transparency International Bulgaria
  • Transparency International Cyprus
  • Transparency International Italy
  • Transparency International Portugal
  • Transparency International Slovenia
  • Transparency International Brussels Office


  • Supporting victims and witnesses of corruption to express themselves and find solutions to their complaints
  • Publish specific data, information and cases of corruption in 6 EU Member States and to analyze the trends
  • Engaging citizens in the fight against corruption
  • Producing systemic changes in policy and practice


  • Support for the victims and witnesses of corruption
  • Advertising of public interest
  • Data analyzing and validating
  • Identifying the weaknesses of systemic corruption
  • Advocacy
  • Building alliances
  • Citizens' Involvement and Dissemination
  • Best practices exchange


  • Consultancy and support for 1,000 citizens in six EU Member States
  • 5 reports and 12 proposals for public policy reform
  • 250,000 citizens and 235 policy-makers reached
  • Best practices in anti-corruption reform developed and promoted in the EU
  • 14 events at local level and an EU public policy event in Brussels

90.449,76 EUROS

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