Improving the European framework for the prescription of corruption offences by developing guidelines regarding best practices, and promoting them in 12 Member States of the EU. The goals of the project are:

  • Offering a global perspective on the current mechanism and influence factors, as well as the context in which they operate, leading to the development of a comprehensive and integrated knowledge body, as well as to best practices regarding the prescription of corruption acts. This involves caring out an opinion poll at EU level, as well as an in-depth analysis for each of the 12 Member States involved in the project.
  • Promoting best practices to the main stakeholders including, among others, initiators of public policies, governmental institutions, the private sector and other NGOs. The objective will be pursued by a series of meeting at a national level with the stakeholders, dissemination activities and the international release of the best practices report.

Implementation period:
January 2010 – June 2011

Transparency International – Secretariat
Transparency International – Austria
Transparency International – Bulgaria
Transparency International – Czech Republic
Transparency International – France
Transparency International – Greece
Transparency International – Hungary
Transparency International – Ireland
Transparency International – Italy
Transparency International – Slovakia
Transparency International – Lithuania
The Centre for Social Studies and Investigations Portugal

The results of the project:

  • An analysis of the legislation and the operation context for the prescription of corruption acts within a series of analysis carried out at the level of the 12 EU Member States
  • Global analysis on the prescription of corruption acts and their implementation within the EU
  • A round table for the identification of best practices in the field
  • Best practices report regarding the prescription of corruption acts applicable in the EU Member States
  • Awareness campaign for actively promoting the results to the relevant actors

The role of the organisation:
TI Romania will be involved in all the activities of the project

  • Creating joint reference terms for the analysis of the prescription of corruption acts as well as their operational context.
  • Creating a basic questionnaire for all EU Member States in order to obtain a global perspective on key legislation and collective problems (input in the research methodology)
  • In-depth analysis of the prescription of corruption acts and the contexts in which they operate in the 12 EU Member States (analysis regarding Romania).
  • Sharing and commenting on the results of the analysis that was carried out at a national level as well as on the best practices regarding the prescription present in other states of the EU and outside of EU at a round table and in the company of experts on the matter.
  • Promoting the best practices report as well as meetings with initiators of public policies and businesspersons associations, media appearances, articles, websites, additional events and seminars (including holding a round table with international experts in Bucharest).

Total cost of the project:
473.325,75 EUR

The European Commission, Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security