The overall objective is to develop human capital in rural areas by setting up a complex support system to facilitate integration into the labor market and to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit for 800 rural people, especially inactive people looking for a job and people employed in subsistence agriculture, but also unemployed in order to increase the employment level and remove the inactivity trap, thus being in line with the general SOP HRD objective.

Implementation period:
March 2014 - September 2015

Project coordinated by Transparency International Romania, in partnership with:
Federation of Farmers FERMIERUL
The Romanian Peasants and Romanian Owners Association

  • Developing individual capacity to adapt to the demands and dynamics of the labor market through lifelong learning
  • Facilitate the integration of people in the target group into the labor market by providing active support services aimed both at developing the personal capacity to succeed on the labor market and at raising awareness among the participants about non-agricultural employment opportunities through:
  • Information and individual or group counseling
  • Work mediation services
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship as an active medium-term job creation
  •     Project promotion, dissemination and dissemination of results - 16 launch and closure conferences at both central and regional level
  •     Information and awareness campaigns on employment opportunities in non-agricultural fields and promoting entrepreneurial culture in rural areas
  •     Provision of information and counseling services for persons participating in vocational training programs
  •     Providing mediation services
  •     Creating 3 Regional Centers
  •     Information and Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  •     Organizing and conducting professional training programs
  •     Business information and advice
  •     1 promotion, information and awareness strategy
  •     16 national and regional project launch / closure conferences, totaling 640 participants
  •     2 layout press releases and closing
  •     1 web portal
  •     1 ad published in a national newspaper and 7 regional newspapers
  •     13,500 flyers
  •     6,000 brochures
  •     1500 posters
  •     5 roll-ups
  •     5 physical banners and 4 online banners
  •     4 video clips
  •     1 project presentation film
  •     60 caravans organized in 8 implementation regions with 800 participants
  •     1 Practical Guide to Finding a Job
  •     565 people counseled and evaluated for professional guidance
  •     Mediation services provided for 200 people
  •     3 Regional Operational Centers
  •     3 Entrepreneurship Clubs in the Countryside
  •     16 entrepreneurial seminars in the 8 implementation regions with 640 participants
  •     1 Rural Business Guide
  •     3 vocational training programs developed
  •     565 participants in training programs

The value of the project:
11,457,256.46 RON

European Union - European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development