To reduce corruption risks in public procurement through civil control mechanisms in EU funds.

Implementation period:
April 2016 – March 2022

The project is coordinated by Transparency International Secretariat in partnership with:

  • Transparency International Romania (in partnership with Institute for Public Policy) in Romania
  • ActionAid International Italy Onlus (in partnership with Associazione Gruppo Abele Onlus and Monithon) in Italy
  • Amapola – Progetti per la sicurezza delle persone e delle comunità in Italy,
  • Romanian Academic Society in Romania
  • Stefan Batory Foundation in Poland
  • Transparency International Bulgaria in Bulgaria
  • Transparency International Czech Republic in Czech Republic
  • Transparency International Greece in Greece
  • Transparency International Hungary in Hungary
  • Transparency International Latvia in Latvia
  • Transparency International Lithuania in Lithuania
  • Transparency International Portugal in Portugal
  • Transparency International Slovenia in Slovenia


  • To ensure transparency, integrity and accountability of projects co-financed by the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds by implementing Integrity Pact pilots in Romania
  • To create demand for social accountability in large-scale public contracts.
  • To draw lessons from this pilot for future replication and mainstreaming of Integrity Pacts


  • Preparing and signing the Integrity Pacts
  • Setting up the monitoring framework
  • Monitoring the bidding procedure
  • Monitoring the contract implementation
  • Outreach and advocacy
  • Innovation and learning


  • 2 Integrity Pacts developed and signed
  • 1 monitoring strategy for bidding procedure and contract implementation
  • Outreach and advocacy pack
  • Project website and social media outreach
  • 1 whistleblowing line
  • Civil Society Transparency Groups
  • 2 final monitoring reports
  • 1 policy proposal
  • Launching and ending events
  • Impact assessment strategy and report

Total value of the project:
503,125 Euro (for Transparency International Romania)

European Commission Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy