The project is implemented by an international consortium led by GDSI Limited, with Legal Aid Board and Transparency International Romania as the other two members.
The project aims to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Justice so as to improve the legal and institutional framework of free juridical assistance and to raise the level of awareness of different categories of people.
Among proposed activities there is an evaluation of the current legal and institutional frame of free civilian and penal juridical assistance; analyzing the feasibility of proposed alternatives; piloting a court of law intervention and running an extensive campaign to raise awareness among lawyers, magistrates, bailiffs, as well as the general public (via seminars, information materials).

TI Romania’s role in the project is to formulate a public policy regarding free juridical assistance in Romania, based on the analysis of the current legislative frame, as well as the evaluation of the institutional capacity.

The policy thus obtained will make the object of a feasibility study followed by a pilot project. During the entire process, results will be analysed so as to continue to perfect the policy.

The project will be finalised with the Ministry of Justice (the project beneficiary) promoting the new policy into the juridical system, which will be done via a raising awareness campaign.

The program will be implemented in Bucharest, Cluj and Iasi in Dec 2006 – Mar 2008.