Project aim:

The project aims to generate attitudes of rejection to small corruption among a target group of 15-24 years old youth. The project is implemented by Concept Foundation in partnership with TI Romania, ARIEL Children’s and Youth Theatre, Cable Communications Association, Oops Media, the Online Press Editors Association.

Project outcomes (corresponding to the activities where TI-Ro was directly involved):

  • Edit and partially disseminate brochures on access to information, decision-making transparency, small corruption;
  • Edit and partially disseminate The Journal of Everyday Bribe;
  • Define the terms of reference of the national survey regarding perceptions and experiences related to corruption;
  • Organize 3 debates involving professional associations perceived as highly corrupt, so as to identify means of conventional/non-conventional intervention;

TI Romania's role in the project:

TI Romania was a partner to Concept Foundation in this project, offering technical expertise in establishing the content of the campaign.


4,980 euros (for TI-Ro)

Project donors:

UE PHARE Civil Society Program, Civic Education component