Sustainability. Innovation. Wealth. Social Inclusion. Unity/Cohesion. SIBIU – Strategy 2030


Project title: “Sustainability. Innovation. Wealth. Social Inclusion. Unity/Cohesion. SIBIU – Strategy 2030”, MySMIS code: 126475 / project code: SIPOCA: 563


Beneficiary: Sibiu County Council as beneficiary, implements the project in partnership with Transparency International Romania I Romanian Association for Transparency.


The general objective of the project: Optimization of beneficiary-oriented processes in accordance with SCAP within the Sibiu County administration, by strategically approaching the long-term development of the county, using investment planning tools, budgets and community interventions and by developing the solutions towards the simplification of the relationship between the County Council and the citizens.


Specific objectives


Specific objective 1: Developing the capacity for strategic planning and substantiation of decisions of Sibiu County Council, by developing mechanisms for public participation in decision making, prioritizing investments and by conducting a comprehensive exercise of strategic planning and public policies, allowing both solid substantiation of all investments and decisions in the period 2020-2030, as well as increasing the level of competence within the institution through experimental learning.


Specific objective 2: Increasing online access to public services managed by Sibiu County Council and its subordinate institutions to reduce bureaucracy for citizens when accessing health services.


Specific objective 3: Simplification of administrative procedures and reduction of bureaucracy, with impact on the interaction of Sibiu County Council with citizens, by developing the electronic archive, to eliminate errors and shorten citizens’ waiting time for any document or official answer.


Specific objective 4: Increasing staff’s level of competence of the Sibiu County Council and of the subordinated institutions towards efficient management of the IT solutions that allow simplification and reduction of bureaucracy for citizens.


Expected results


Project result 1: A functional mechanism for prioritizing investments and decisions of the County Council.


Project result 2: Substantiated and budgeted county public policies in accordance with long-term strategic planning.


Project result 3: An elaborated development strategy of Sibiu County for the period 2021-2030.


Project result 4: Solutions developed for health services provided online.


Project result 5: Electronic archive created at the Sibiu County Council, DGASPC Sibiu and the hospitals subordinated to the Sibiu County Council.

Project result 6: Competences, knowledge and abilities of the County Council staff and subordinate institutions.


The total eligible value of the project is 3,701,804.04 lei (VAT included), of which the amount related to the activities implemented by the Sibiu County Council is of 3,381,041.14 lei, and of those managed by the Romanian Association for Transparency is of 320,762.90 lei.


Implementation period: March 2019 - February 2021.


 Project co-financed from the European Social Fund, through the Operational Program Administrative Capacity 2014 - 2020.


Consiliul Judetean Sibiu
Consiliul Judetean Sibiu

Transparency International Romania