Two research positions are available within the Transparency International Romania team.


General information:

Job title: Researcher - 2 positions

Job level: execution

Job type: project based



The main purpose of the job:

  • Development and application of research methodologies

  • Elaboration and writing research papers on specific topics

Specific responsibilities of the job:

  • Participates in finding research topics and proposes the profile of their approach;

  • Conceives, experiments and finalizes directly or together with the team solutions for achieving the performance indicators of the final product;

  • Researches, prepares and delivers reports on specific topics based on standards set out in the research toolkit;

  • Bases the solutions through an in-depth documentation with and in the application of quantitative indicators and evaluation methodologies;

  • Provides feedback for best practices and critical research incidents;

  • Carrying out political-administrative analyses in direct connection with the public policies of the research and of the legislative process;

  • Identifies and coordinates the conduct of interviews with key people from the sampled organizations and relevant in the area of interest of the methodology;

  • Participates in workshops and validation sessions of research results, in the development of internal documents necessary for research activities;

  • Contributes in launching events and disseminating research results (articles, conferences, dissemination meetings).

Specific requirements for employment:

Specialized studies: University studies completed in the field of socio-human and political sciences, public administration, law, economics.

Languages: English - Advanced (minimum B2)

Skills, qualities and aptitudes required:

  • Understanding the legislative process and the elaboration of public policies at national and European level (procedures, rules, legislative calendar);

  • Knowledge of research techniques, methods and tools in the field of good governance and the public integrity system;

  • Have the ability to plan and implement research programs;

  • Analytical, problem solving and project management skills;

  • Organizational skills, independent work and initiative;

  • Practical skills in the field of statistical analysis;

  • In-depth knowledge of operating in MS Word, Excel, Power Point or similar.

Previous experience:

  • Demonstrated experience of at least 5 years regarding the ability to relate to the administrative environment, the business environment and the social partners;

  • Experience in developing research methodologies in specific areas of activity;

  • Experience in elaborating studies, analyses, articles in the field of public administration, the Romanian and / or European judicial system;

  • Experience in project work.

Specific requirements:

  • Work schedule: 8 hours / day or depending on the project activities (working groups, meetings, project team meetings);

  • The desire to work longer where necessary;


In order to participate in the selection procedure, it is necessary to send a CV in Europass format, in Romanian, accompanied by a letter of intent in which to address the important achievements in your life and career aspirations on medium and long term.

The selection procedure for this job involves two distinct stages:

1. Preselection

During this stage, the selection committee will analyse the CVs and letters of intent to decide whether the application will be accepted for the next stage.

2. Selection

This stage is about the evaluation of personal competences and aptitudes, by testing the specialized knowledge, being structured on two stages:

a. the interview (30 min)

During which you will have a discussion with the selection committee.

b. practical test (120 min)

You will be asked to develop a research methodology on a given topic. The second requirement is to write a text and translate a passage from it into a language of international circulation.

The CVs can be sent to the address: office @ until 22.01.2019.


Transparency International Romania is the national member of the only international non-governmental organization dedicated to the fight against corruption, being recognized as such and having the status of an advisory NGO to several international institutions, namely the United Nations Economic and Social Council (since 2003), World Bank, as well as the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (since 2004).

Among the main achievements obtained by Transparency International Romania in the over 18 years of activity are:

  • The first 5 Integrity Pacts signed by representatives of the business community, academia, NGOs / professional associations, the health sector and SMEs, with over 60 founding members.

  • Over 40 public policy projects developed by Transparency International Romania have been adopted by the authorities.

  • Over 300 courses organized, with over 4,000 participants from both business and the public sector.

  • Over 6,000 citizens counselled and assisted in the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC).

  • Over 100 anti-corruption studies and guides for citizens, business people and professionals in the judiciary.

Transparency International Romania understands to put at the service of society all its skill and expertise for building a transparent, honest, clean and fair environment, which will contribute to ensuring a sustainable development for the benefit of citizens, public institutions and the business sector.

We invite you to join the TI-Romania team!

Data publicare: 15/01/2019