13th August 2018

Press release
Citizens are free to protest peacefully.
Compliance with law and the rule of low is essential.

Transparency International Romania follows with great attention and concern the last events that have brought to the fore themes such as corruption, integrity in public office, the efficiency of state institutions.

Considering the fact that freedom of speech and respect for the law are essential in a democratic society, Transparency International Romania advises citizens and representatives of public institutions to show calm, civism and mutual respect.

Citizens are free to protest peacefully, in accordance with the law and the rule of law. Instead, language and attitude violence are likely to shadow the right to free speech, guaranteed by the Romanian Constitution.

Article 30 of the Fundamental Law provides: “(1) Freedom of expression of thoughts, opinions or beliefs and freedom of creation of any kind, orally, in writing, in images, sounds or other means of communication in public, are inviolable. (…)
(7) It is forbidden by the law to defame the country and the nation, the urge to aggression war, the urge to national, racial, class or religion hate, inciting to discrimination, to territorial separatism or to public violence, as well as obscene manifestations, contrary to good morals.”

During this period when the polarization of society is more and more accentuated, we believe that there is a need for argued debates on the real problems of society. And, maybe more than never, it is necessary to focus on values such as integrity, professionalism, responsibility, the priority of public interest.

Transparency International Romania has over 18th years of activity in the non-governmental sector, during which it contributed including to the establishment and consolidation of public institutions such as National Integrity Agency, National Anticorruption Directorate; promote public policy, ethical and integrity standards applied in public sector and private sector.

Data publicare: 13/08/2018