Bucharest, December 19, 2011: Transparency International-Romania launches today the study "Integrity in the Romanian Business Environment" This report was produced within the project "Together for Integrity, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development", co-funded by the Social Fund European Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013.

In this study, 631 companies from 81 sectors of activity and eight development regions were analyzed from the point of view of transparency, ethics and integrity. Transparency International-Romania (TI-RO) research reveals that of the 631 companies surveyed, only 117 (of which 80 percent of foreign capital) have a code of ethics published on their own site, while the rest of 514 and 81.5 percent, respectively, do not prove a special interest in a more transparent way of doing business. As a result, we can say that, in the Romanian business environment, the ethical concern is rather the result of the presence of foreign companies than the awareness of the need for integrity.

Victor Alistar, Transparency International Romania's Executive Director: The complexity and opacity of the financial markets that generated the economic crisis is a very serious alarm signal about the damages that the lack of transparency can cause to companies. This experience has led to a broad recognition of the importance that good governance - possibly only in the absence of corruption - has for economic development. "

Cristian Ducu, author of the study, ethics consultant: "One of the main conclusions of this study is that Romanian companies do not know how to protect themselves from illegal and immoral behaviors, whether from employees, suppliers or the administration We can say that Romanian companies are more vulnerable to the crisis because they have not learned to secure their investments, first of all internally. "

The launching event was conducted with Intercontinetal ® support 

Data publicare: 19/12/2011