Representaives o Transparency International Romania were present on Friday,28 September,at the opening conference of the project ’’Partenership for ethics and integrity in Buzau County Council’’ on wich the two institutions implement it on  partnerhip.

‘’Because we are talking about public governance,it is important to reduce vulnerabilities and we are interested that this project to make a monograph of the local administration.Therefore,the results of this project will be able to be examples of good practice for public governance in local government,’’explained Victor Alistar,diector of Transparency International Romania.

  The overall objective of the project consists in strengthening the administrative capacity of the CJ Buzău to increase the integrity and reduce vulnerabilities to corruption by developing and implementing a system of integrity that includes standards, policies and ethics and integrity, as well as through a programme of education on September 19.

At the same time, the project has three specific objectives:

  • Development and application of a set of unified standards of ethics and integrity, accompanied by related policies and operational procedures to facilitate the implementation of the legal framework in the field of ethics and integrity, thereby contributing to the at the level of implementation of anticorruption measures CJ Buzău governed by national legislation and monitored by SNA.
  • Development of a collaborative institution-level platforms, innovative tool know-how in the process of adapting and implementing the new standards, which will operate for the benefit of the staff and the whole of Buzău, CARL.
  • The increase in the level of education among the target group's anti-corruption drive by organizing a program for this purpose which will comprise 6 training courses/training and instruction in the field of ethics and integrity, as well as a seminar to discuss about best practices in ethics, integrity and prevention of corruption.

The implemented project by Buzau County Council in partnership with Transparency International Romania during July 2018-November 2019 is co-financed by European Social Fund, through operational programme Administrative Capacity 2014-2020.



Data publicare: 28/09/2018