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Launching event on
“The preventive role of judiciary in protecting the financial interest of the EU”

Transparency International Romania in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee are launching the report and policy paper on “The preventive role of judiciary in protecting the financial interest of the European Union”.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 29 November 2017, from 14:00 until 17:00, local time, at the European Economic and Social Committee, room TRE 7701, Trèves Building, 7th floor, 74 rue de Trèves, 1040 Brussels.

The debate will cover the topics:

  • Importance of fighting corruption in the private sector in order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of public investments
  • Results of the research and conclusions of the comparative analysis on the actual judicial practice on regarding the application on additional sanction – exclusion from public procurement and its estimated impact on protecting the financial interests of the EU
  • Recommendation of the policy paper to enhance the role of judiciary in protecting the financial interests of the Union by consolidating its practice and using it as a basis for exclusion systems

This event is organized as part of a project supported by the European Commission through the European Union Programme Hercule III (2014-2020). The project aims at raising awareness among judicial professionals regarding their role in protecting the financial interests of the Union, by developing high profile comparative research activities regarding the application of a specific judicial protection instrument - exclusion from public procurement as an additional sanction provided by the criminal law.


The preventive role of the judiciary in protecting the financial interest of the European Union
- a comparative analysis for improved performance -

Comparative Report

The preventive role of the judiciary in protecting the financial interest of the European Union
- a comparative analysis for improved performance -

Policy paper

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Transparency International Romania’s position on the situation regarding the National Anticorruption Directorate

The Justice minister’s request concerning the dismissal of the chief prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) is just the beginning of the procedure according to the legal competences, but the issue will be settled only after the Prosecutors’ department within the Superior Council of Magistracy will give their consultative advice and after the President of Romania will express his opinion; the latter has already announced the report will be analysed by the departments within the Presidency.

The dismissal request comes at a moment when accusations are publicly launched regarding violations of the legal procedural norms during investigations; these accusations are currently examined by the Judicial Inspection within the Superior Council of Magistracy, structure that – according to the legal provisions – is independent from the Justice minister. The Romanian society, as well as the political and judiciary actors, are deeply divided on this issue. The arguments underpinning the two aproaches are, on one hand, the need for an efficient sanctioning of corruption – legitimate demand of the society -, and on the other hand, the need for guarantees that this anticorruption campaign is led in an undiscriminate and unselective way and that all legal procedures and all fundamental human rights and liberties are observed, as required by the rule of law.


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Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 shows a high corruption burden in more than two-thirds of countries

Analysis of results from Transparency International finds crackdowns on NGOs and media are associated with higher levels of corruption

Berlin, 21 February 2018 – An index released today by Transparency International, which marks its 25th anniversary this year, reveals some disturbing information – despite attempts to combat corruption around the world, the majority of countries are moving too slowly in their efforts. While stemming the tide against corruption takes time, in the last six years many countries have still made little to no progress. Even more alarming, further analysis of the index results indicates that countries with the lowest protections for press and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) also tend to have the worst rates of corruption.


CORRUPTION PERCEPTION INDEX - Romania’s situation in 2017

Transparency International is launching today the annual report regarding the global Corruption Perception Index (CPI), through which a ranking of the degree of corruption in the public sector is made, as it is perceived by the business sector and independent experts in the 180 countries analysed.


Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2016

În focus TI

Seminarul „Publicarea academică: tendinţe, oportunităţi, capcane”,
parte a Summitului de Integritate pentru Prosperitate.

Transparency International Romania together with Griffiths School of Management, Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration organized on the 13th and 14th of September in Bucharest and Oradea the Seminar “Ethics & Success in academic business publishing. Publishing in ISI Journals”, as part of the Integrity for Prosperity Summit. Among the topics of discussion we can recall the evolution and currents existing in academic business publishing, advices for successful publishing in academic journals and ethical dilemmas that may occur in academic publishing.

Present at the event where students, MA students, PhD students, teachers, professors, researchers, and members of the academic forums and they interacted with Prof. Garz Akerhurst, Aberystwyth University and Winchester University England, Prof. Rick D. Hackett, McMaster Canada and Prof. Adrian Ziderman, Bar-Ilan University Israel, members of the prestigious International Network of Business and Management Journals. They have shared not only their experiences as editors of ISI journals but also necessary information to any person who would like to publish in ISI journals or other index journals.

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This Guide provides judicial officials and decision-makers with a reference framework for consolidating integrity within the judiciary and for judicial reform, where this is required. It also provides civil society with a set of benchmarks against which they can hold their national judiciaries accountable, and that help drive their advocacy efforts.
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