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Opinion poll regarding the population's view on the Codes' modifications
The Romanians believe the civil society is more important than the President in the organising of the debates

The first data resulting from the opinion poll conducted by IMAS Marketing and Polls from April 20th to May 8th have been presented today at Transparency International Romania. The poll was completed on a sample representative at national level. Sociologist Monica Alexandru (IMAS) presented the methodology of the research, as well as the pilot study carried out before operators started the actual poll. The main conclusions of the report on the level of informing of the population with regard to the modification of the Codes, as explained by Victor Alistar, Executive Director of Transparency International Romania, are:

  • 80% of the population do not know what the modifications of the Codes are, however the aspiration to know is clear
  • 82% believe citizens must be consulted before decision-making
  • 97% want debates with MPs in their respective circumscriptions, including a large part of the Bucharest population
  • Romanians believe the civil society is more important in organising the debates than the President
  • To the President’s assertion that people do not understand, the poll shows that 69% want to be consulted before the enactment of the law
  • The Romanians, just as EU officials, believe a large public debate is more important than the May 15th time limit
  • The Romanians do not want the state to decide all by itself with regards to norms of social organising
  • The so-called debate organised by the Ministry of Justice had no social relevance (less than 1% of the population had been informed by this institution)
  • The civil society’s mandate, given by the Romanian population, is equal to that of the Cabinet and Parliament with regards to the debates and consultations on the legislation, which legitimates but also obliges us
  • Most information on the codes is received from the media, who cannot do the work of those paid of public finances

  • (More data, in the annexed presentation)

Victor Alistar declared that “The Parliament took a wise decision to take upon itself the Codes as completed by the Special Commission and to subject them to public debate before concluding the legislative process. This shows that the uninominally elected Parliament has turned towards the citizens for the first time, to the disadvantage of parties’ agendas. It is the more surprising considering the fact that this decision was taken yesterday, before the opinion poll confirming this clear request from the society was revealed.”

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