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As a national branch of Transparency International, TI Romania contributes to or performs its own studies, research and analyses of corruption-related perceptions, mechanisms that generate corruption at the legislative or institutional level, as well as on the extent to which the national integrity system in Romania allows for sustainable development, the rule of law and a good quality of life. Our studies also cover the results of monitoring legislation implementation and institutional performance relevant to anticorruption.

TI Romania studies may be grouped in three main categories:

Global Corruption Reports: Alongside other national branches, TI Romania contributes annually to these reports, by including a report on Romania. The report focuses on corruption in the domains envisaged by the Global Report, and it also examines the immediate consequences of corruption in the respective field.

National Corruption Reports: National counterparts of the Global Corruption Report. An annual analysis of all domains potentially affected by corruption, the national reports include information on the latest legislative and institutional developments.

The National Integrity Systems - Country Study: The Romania Study was launched at the end of 2005. The Study evaluates the system at that time and includes indicators to measure progress in ulterior developments.

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