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Judiciary Independence

This research is part of the commitment assumed by the Government of Romania at the prompting of the European Commission, to monitor progress in the field of justice reform..

Several research instruments were used - focus groups, opinion polls, media monitoring and comparative analyses of legislation and public policies, so as to accomplish valuable studies and obtain an accurate reality-based picture.

All instruments have been symetrically applied to the following beneficiary pre-established theme range:

Judiciary independence
Input sources and the nature of pressures onto the justice system
Situations which can impede on the independence of the justice system
Highlighting the dysfunctions and weak point of the justice system
Legal guarantees and measures tailored to ensure genuine independence and the protection of magistrates from the possible risks associated with the fulfilling of their jurisdictional duties

 The interpretation of the data obtained in the Studies does not necessarily represent the research team' choice of the optimum way to ensure the independence of the justice system, but rather the impartial interpretation of the perception data.

The Studies do not provide a diagnostic analysis of the judiciary system; the instruments and methodology are distinct from that case.


The Studies are organized so as to integrate the topic-based data, and not the results of each research instrument. Thus, those who will use the Studies as part of their research will not fiind separate conclusions for each of the focus groups, surveys or media monitoring instruments
In 2005 and 2006, TI Romania accomplished the two editions of the Study of magistrates' perceptions regarding their professional independence as well as the causes and circumstances which negatively or positively influence the independence of the judiciary.

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