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Study of magistrates' perceptions regarding the independence of the system of justice 2005

The study is of utmost importance, from two points of view: on the one hand, the Romanian judiciary system has not so far undergone an evaluation of the magistrates' perception of the independence or lack of independence of the system; and, on the other hand, the conclusions of the study show a substantial potential for the drawing up of reform policies based on "source-information".

A special emphasis was laid on the functional relationsips inside the justice system; also on the balance of state powers, especially on the relationship that the judiciary power has with the executive, the political and "civilian" powers.

The Study aims to highlight the perceptions of magistrates regarding the independence of the judiciary system as seen from inside the system, without attempting to soften or compromise the positions shown by magistrates with those of external opinion-shapers such as the mass media, NGO's, political leaders or international organizations.

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