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Governmental transparency in the regulation process
 a)    Project aim and locale:

The project amended the government’s project aimed at obtaining higher transparency in the process of public regulation and decision making at the level of local and central administration. Also, the project offered citizens and the administration a Guide to the Implementation of Law 52/2003 regulating Decisional Transparency in Public Administration.

b)    Project outcomes:

→ An analysis of consultation practices;
→ A Guide to the Implementation of Law 52/2003 regulating Decisional Transparency in Public Administration;
→ An advocacy campaign to amend the governmental legislative project regarding decisional transparency;
→ A public awareness campaign regarding the opportunities for participation offered by the new legal framework. The campaign was carried out in partnership with the National Radio Company and it consisted of the airing of the “Absentees are never right” jingle as well as a series of 20 interviews with public officials and representatives of NGO’s interested in Law 52/2003.

c)    TI Romania's role in the project:

TI Romania was a direct grantee and coordinator of activities in partnership wit IRIS Centre, the Media Monitoring Agency – Catavencu Academy, Civil Society Foundation and E-Romania Gateway. The National Radio Company supported the TI Romania initiative in the media, by accomplishing the information and public awareness campaign through publicity jingles and radio programs.

d)   Budget:

    11,000 euros

e)  Project donors:

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, through the Anticorruption Initiative of the Stability Pact.

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