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Citizen's Guides

As part of different projects, TI Romania has drawn up and edited a series of guides meant to inform the citizens, business people and the general public in Romania on the legal methods and means to attack acts of corruption or other acts lacking integrity, which may occur in the citizens' interactions with public authorities and institutions.

The Guides are a synopsis of the most important laws regulating mechanisms and means by which citizens can complain against acts o corruption, as well as clarifying the differences between what is and what is not an act of corruption, according to the law.

In compiling these Guides, we started from the premise that acts of corruption, as defined by the law, are generally confused with other acts committed by public servants which, while impeding on the citizens' rights, are not necessarily generated by corruption. This latter category can be generated, as presented in the TI Guides, by negligence, ignorance or ill-will.

The Guides are designed so as to allow easy access of the public to the information provided. The legals issues are presented based on a practical approach, rather than a dogma-based one.


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