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Conference “Strategies and Public Policies to Prevent Corruption”
 a) Project aim:

The project aimed to inform about and promote public policies and strategies efficiently preventing corruption. It also aimed to identify good practices and solutions in this field, by consulting with experts in EU member-states.

 b) Project outcomes:

→ improved public policies and strategies aimed at preventing corruption in the areas under discussion in this project; progress obtained through debate and exchange of expertise;
→ increased public awareness regarding the importance of public strategies and policies in the overall picture of anticorruption;
→ informing public opinion about potential solutions, international expertise and good practices in the field of corruption prevention, via the conference final report.

 c) TI Romania’s role in the project:

The Conference was organized by Transparency International Romania in cooperation with the mission of the Republic of France in Bucharest and the Mission of Federative Republic of Germany in Bucharest

 d) Budget: 

        8,350 euros

e) Project donors:

→ The mission of the Republic of France in Bucharest, together with the Mission of the Federative Republic of Germany in Bucharest – 6,750 Euro.
→ Romanian Transparency Association – 1,600 Euros.

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