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Participation and integrity in local budgets
a) Project aim

The project aims to increase transparency and integrity in public budget design and implementation and foster participation of local civil society in community issues.

b) Project outcomes (corresponding to the activities where TI-Ro is directly involved):

→ Instruments for the training of civil society organizations;
→ A guide for the monitoring of budgetary execution;
→ Evaluate transparency and integrity in public acquisitions and issuing authorizations and licenses for private businesses;
→ A good practices guide containing recommendations to improve deficiencies noted by the project.

c) TI Romania’s role in the project:

TI Romania implements trainings for local civil society organizations, evaluates local community priorities regarding the local budget, evaluates the relationship between the civil society, the local businesspeople and the administration, finally draw up the good practices guide and organize a round table with all stakeholders, to debate on positive and negative aspects and incorporate observations and recommendations for a better relationship between the local public administration and citizens.

d) Budget:


e) Project donors:

            Mission of United Kingdom of Great Britain in Romania

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