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Fighting corruption and raising public integrity in the justice system
a) Project aim:

Raising public integrity in the system of justice, offer support to victims of corruption and judiciary abuse, propose correcting mechanisms including advocacy and viable public policies.

b) Project outcomes:

→ Instituting alternative, independent complaint mechanisms for victims and witnesses of corruption and abuse in justice
→ Justice Anticorruption Guide, 3000 copies
→ How To Instruments for easier citizens access to complaint mechanisms
→ Website
→ Conferences and public debates on the public policies and strategies proposed during the project
→ Training sessions for volunteers
→ Monitoring reports on integrity in justice

c) TI Romania’s role in the project:

TI Romania is the direct recipient and coordinator of project activities. The Romanian National Radio Company and the Ministry of Justice are our partners in this project.

d) Budget:

71,610 euros

e) Project donors:

The European Union, via the Civil Society PHARE Program, Action 3: Democracy, human rights, rightful state and independence of the justice

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