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Integrity and human dignity. From the moral values to civic attitudes

High school students assuming an integer and dignified lifestyle for their own benefit, their family and community.

Implementation period:
March 2016

Transparency International Romania was involved as a partner on a voluntary basis, in this project developed through the civic partnership for education - CIVITAS. The applicant has been the National College "Ion Neculce", in partnership with seven other high schools in Bucharest


  • promoting coherence and convergence of integrity and dignity as moral values, resulting in a prosocial behaviour
  • critical thinking, decision-making for an active citizenship
  • accountability to self and others, and communication promotion
  • Activities conducted by TI-Romania

    • Organizing 8 workshops on: Civic participation to promote integrity and dignity in society. The values in practice. Each session included the presentation of the basic knowledge on the topic; video projections; exercises in teams; interactive debates. Participants were students from 8 high schools taking part in the project.
    • Development of a guide on civic conduct for students, spread among the target group which consisted of 480 high school students.

Total value of the project
18.860 lei

The Municipality of Bucharest’s Centre for Projects and Educational and Sports Programs for Children and Youth - PMB PROEDUS

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