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Focus on Good Governance

      Based on the Romanian Transparency Association's institutional objectives and in accordance with current legislation, the Training Department launched in July 2006 the Good Governance Program, designed and organized so as to meet the training needs of central and decentralized public administration institutions.

       The program meets identified training needs in connection with aligning good administration standards to good governance standards, and it answers the EU demand for increased administrative capacity and resistance to corruption on the part of public institutions. The program was implemented in two training sessions of 7 modules each (1 training week/module), between 3 July and 20 August (in Neptun and Venus, Romania), and between 30 October and 17 December 2006 (Ana Hotels Complex in Poiana Brasov, Romania). A total of 512 persons participated in the trainings, public servants and management and executive contractors from local, central and decentralized authorities.

        The program was based on an innovative approach, based on 4 pillars:

interactive conferences with reputable specialists
training workshops with assisted planning
training instruments
applications and case studies

       The target group was central institutions public servants and contractors, employees of decentralized agencies, management and executive staff in prefecture apparatuses.

      The program's level of expertise was ensured by the participation of the trainers - representatives of the public sector, of the civil society (NGO's), as well as academics specializing in public administration.

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