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             The mission of the training department is to fight against corruption, promote transparency and integrity by developing specific abilities and competence both in public administration as well as in business and the nongovernmental sector, by delivering training programs   whose objectives and themes stem from the values promoted by Transparency International Romania.


      To deliver on each semester training packages to public servants, contractors or other persons who carry out activities complementary to public authorities;

    To deliver training courses aimed at informing and developing abilities corresponding to the objectives and themes promoted by Transparency International Romania, in an offer open also to the business environment and the NGO sector;

   To deliver trainings on a variety of themes and of variable durations, based on a needs assessment customized so as to suit the institution requesting to benefit from the training;
     To organize workshops, conferences and public debates on training and development topics, and in line with the strategic objectives of Transparency International Romania.

     To edit and publish training manuals and good practice guides, so as to ensure optimum quality of the trainings.


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