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Training Team:

The Training Department started its activity in July 2006 with a team of two - a full-time employee and a part-time training consultant. In less than three months the department came to have three full-time employees responsible for the planning, organizing, implementation and evaluation of TI Romania's TRAINING PROGRAMS.

Training Department Executive
He ensures the fulfilling of attributions, competencies and responsabilities established for the continuous formation and perfectioning activities. This is in conformity with and for the implementation of policies and strategic objectives set by the Romanian Association for Transparency. 

For the accomplishment of the department's mission and objectives, he manages multi-disciplinary teams of experts and team collaborators in order to develop the training's curricular areas on the basis of dezvolta ariile curriculare de training pe baza analizei nevoilor de formare la solicitarea beneficiarilor si asigura implementarea standardelor de calitate a formarii.

GOOD GOVERNANCE program coordinator
Expertise: public administration
Organizes and coordinates training activities. 

Specialized trainings program coordinator
Expertise: European administration
Organizes and coordinates training activities.

Department Expertise:

In carrying out training programs, TI Romania collaborates with:

  • teams of public administration experts and specialists, practitioners, trainers and academics, both at the national and international levels.
  • specialists representing the civil society, NGO's and consultancy companies, with a vast practical experience in training adults.
  • international experts, collaborators with the TI network.


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