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2015, 3rd of November

Corruption and passivity kill

Transparency International Romania reacts to the tragedy from club Colective, by requesting an in-depth investigation, which includes all responsibilities, and preventive measures to ensure that corruption no longer puts life in danger.

It is open for all to see, that the tragedy which took place in club Collective, killing 32 people and injuring many more, was caused by the corruption within the system. It was caused by the mechanisms which allowed stakeholders, economic actors and public authorities alike, to rid themselves of responsibility and circumvent the law – in the end, the citizens are the ones who suffer. An inspection by the municipal authorities of sector 4 of the city of Bucharest took place only a few days before the fire, but the potential danger was not ascertained. Sadly, we have the proof that indeed… corruption kills.

Taking into account the pending investigation, we request an in-depth analysis on all levels, including all central and local public administration institutions, with attributions to authorize, notice, oversee and inspect. In this way, authorities can clearly establish the responsibilities of economic operators and civil servants, as well as mechanisms to increase accountability through judicial means and avoid such accidents in the future.

We also request public authorities to focus on preventive measures to avoid similar mechanisms of corruptions, negligence, breach and circumvention of regulations by public authorities.

Call for action!
Communitarian vigilance offsets administrative incapacity

Transparency International Romania calls on software companies to support a citizens' initiative developed on a voluntary basis, in order to compensate for the incapacity of public authorities with a mechanism for citizen vigilance. The initiative of TI-Romania and other volunteers, to set up the "Communitarian Self Defense" platform, will enable citizens to report irregularities to the authorities, which have the obligation to publicly respond to complaints submitted to platform.

Our call addresses, but is not limited to the following companies: Total Soft, Softwin, Oracle, Bitdefender, Expert One Research, Software end, Endava.

Transparency International Romania invites the large consulting companies to provide the expertise needed to prepare maps on the administrative procedures and compliance obligations of the public spaces, with respect to safety standards. The initiative is also necessary to raise awareness, both for citizens and economic operators who manage such places.

Our call addresses, but is not limited to the following companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, KPMG.

Additionally, Transparency International Romania invites public authorities to take part in discussions and to appoint experts in the working group that will develop procedural guidelines.

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