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2010, 1st of July

TI-Romania – 10 years of history and perspectives

Today, Transparency International Romania celebrates 10 years of activity in Romania. Along this time, making the most of its credo – Respect for People and Rules – TI-Romania laboured in the cause of the society with all their skills and expertise with aiming to build a transparent, clean environment for all the stakeholders, be they citizens, media, business sector or public institutions. Summing up, our results could be illustrated as follows:

  • Over 5000 citizens assisted and counselled within the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre
  • Over 10 million citizens received the messages of the awareness campaigns
  • Over 30 public policy or law drafts elaborated by TI-Romania and adopted by the authorities
  • 70 training courses with 1700 participants
  • 19% of the cases dealt with by the National Anticorruption Directorate in 2009 are based on the provisions of the article 132, adopted through the Law no. 251/2004, following the advocacy efforts of TI-Romania, with a liability of approx. 56 million Romanian lei and 25 million euros.

All the efforts endeavouring to enhance the public integrity environment in Romania have been based on the thorough monitoring of the evolution of the public polices and the public and private measures that have been adopted. Just as we have done it the past 10 years, Transparency International Romania raises the alarm with regards to the fast decay of the integrity climate at national level.

The Study on the National Integrity System we launch today is an X-ray of the Romanian institutional system, from the perspective of the capacity and performance in the fight against corruption. At the same time, the Study includes the impact of the advocacy efforts TI-Romania has done for the improvement of the regulating framework governing these institutions. The experience of the last year and the effects of the economic crisis point to an alarming descending curb of the institutional performances particularly generated by the incapacity of the institutional pillars to secure the internal decision processes and to ensure their integrity and impartiality.

Consistent with the commitment for a world free of corruption, for the next 10 years TI-Romania would like to offer their skills and expertise to the society so as to ensure the correct and complete implementation of the anticorruption measures, whose final objectives must be the reinforcement of the rule of law, the improvement of the quality of life and the ensure the sustainable development for the present and future generations.

Contact person:
Victor Alistar,
Executive Director

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