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·  Zamfir, Elena, Zamfir, Catalin: The Gypsies – between Ignorance and Concern, Alternative Publishing House, 1993

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·  Centre For Democracy and Governance: A Handbook On Fighting Corruption, Technical Publication Series, February, 1999

·  Transparency International - Romania, Inventory of Corrupt Practices: A Regional Mirror, Punct Publishing House, 2003, ISBN 973-8323-27-4

·  Bucharest Sector 2 Mayor’s Office: “Cartoonist Rights Network,” Personality of XX Century, Caricaturists Club ”Sorin Postolache”, Bucuresti, October-November, 2002

·  U.S. Department of State: Fighting Global Corruption: Business Risk Management, Information for Global Businesses& Organizations on Navigating the International

·  Anticorruption Environment, Department of State Publication 10731, 2001-2003

·  Romanian Academic Society: Romanian Experts Catalogue, 1st Edition, Bucharest, December 1997

·  Pope, Jeremy: Transparency International, Confronting Corruption: The Elements of a National Integrity System, TI, Malaysia, 2000

·  Tanzi, Vito, Davoodi, Hamid: Roads to Nowhere: How Corruption in Public Investment Hurts Growth, Economic Issues 12, International Monetary Fund, 1998, ISBN 1-55775-710-0

·  The World Bank: Anticorruption in Transition. A Contribution to the Policy Debate, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

·  Kaufmann, Daniel, The World Bank: Competitive Private Sector and Empirically Challenging some Myths, Plenary Session, October 9, 2001

·  Southern African Development Community: Protocol Against Corruption, SADC, 2001

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·  Salamon, M.Lester, Anheier, K.Helmut & associates: Globalizing the Nonprofit Sector: a Review, John Hopkins Comparative Study Project for the Nonprofit Sector, 2nd phase, Civil Society Development Foundation, Bucharest, 1999

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