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Political parties

·  Pro Democracy Association: Focus on Local Elections 2000, PDA, Bucharest, September 2000

·  Pro Democracy Association: Funding Political Parties in Europe, PDA, Bucharest, October 2000, 2 copies

·  Pro Democracy Association: Local elections 2000, Funding Political Parties, a study performed at the request of the Program Transparency, Trust, Democracy, PDA, Bucharest, September 2000, 3 copies

·  Transparency International Zimbabwe: Voting for Change, Election Monitors’ Report on Zimbabwe’s Parliamentary Elections 2000, Publication No.1, TI Zimbabwe, 2000

·  Compagnon, Daniel; Makumbe, John Mw.: Behind the Smokescreen, The Politics of Zimbabwe’s 1995 General Elections, University of Zimbabwe Publications, 2000

·  Civil Society Development Foundation, Funders’ Guide, Issue 28, FDSC, May 2002

·  Civil Society Development Foundation, Funders’ Guide, Issue 35, FDSC, January 2003

·  Norton, Michael; Eastwood, Michael: Writing Better Fundraising Applications, A practical guide with workedexamples, exercises and ideas for worksheets, 2nd Edition, The Directory of Social Change, 1992, 1997

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