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Civil Society

·  Gole, Juliet S., The Role of the Civil Society in Containing Corruption at the Municipal Level, Proceedings from the Regional Conference of Transparency International Representatives, Discussion Paper, No.10, Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative, Open Society Institute, 1999, 2 copies

·  The activity of Konrad-Adenauer Foundation in Romania, January- December 2001

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·  Global Programme Against Corruption, IACC’S Meting in Prague: Empowering the Victims of Corruption Through Social Control Mechanisms, 2001

·  Baia Mare City Hall, Communication Department of the Local Public Administration: Nongovernmental Organizations Directory, Baia Mare, 2003

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·  Regional NGO Fair, Partnership for Democracy Networking Meeting, 20-23 September 2001, Timisoara

·  Bacanu, Maria; Radulescu, Sorin M.: Citizens’ Empowerment Through Fighting Corruption, An Empirical Case Research in Romania for Distilling and Testing Indicators and Measurements, World Bank, 4-5 February, 2003

·  NGO Regional Networking Project for Central and Eastern Europe, Regional Project Grants Program, Guidelines and Application, Freedom House

·  Partnership for Transparency Fund, a unique NGO funding microprojects to curb corruption, Completed Projects, PTF, May 2003

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·  NGO Forum Report, Bucharest, 3-5 July, 1998, Lambrakis Research Foundation

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·  Stability Pact Anticorruption Initiative, SPAI Regional Conference on Civil Society, Civil Society’s Involvement in Anticorruption Reform Efforts in South Eastern Europe, Country reviews and priorities for reform, 2 copies

·  Establishing and Running an Advocacy NGO, a handbook by Richard Holloway of Pact, Lusaka, Zambia, August 1988

·  Attitudes Issue 2, The Journal of Nongovernmental Organizations in Romania, Support Centre for the Development of Nongovernmental Organizations, February 2003

·  Bernhard, Michael: Civil Society and Democratic Transition in East Central Europe, Policy Review, January- February 1996

·  Centre Correspondent, Vol.12, Issue 1, Centre for Civic Education, Winter 2000

·  Community Relations Association: Tendencies in Romanian philanthropy, individual and corporate philantropy, ARC-ALLavida, 2003

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