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·  THE 11th International Anti-Corruption Conference, Different Cultures, Common Values, Conference Program Book, 25-28 May 2003, COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea

·  Transparency International Korea, Annual Report 2001, Ti- Korea, 2 copies

·  Delna, Transparency International- Latvia, Annual Report 2000, TI- Latvia

·  Transparency International, Annual Report 2001, TI-Germany

·  Transparency International, Annual Report 1999, Transparency International- Germany

·  Transparency International, Annual Report 2000, Transparency International-Germany,2 copies

·  Transparency International Korea, Annual Report 2002, Transparency International Korea

·  Transparency International Colombia, Indice de Integridad de las Entidades Publicas, Comparativo de los Poderes del Estado, Resultados 2002, TI-Colombia

·  Transparency International Romania, Report for the period 27 Septembrie - 10 December 2001

·  European Commission in Romania, Annual Report 2001, European Commission Delegation in Romania

·  Partners Romania Foundation for Local Development, Annual Report 2001, FPDL

·  Transparency International Zambia, Activity Report october2001- october 2002, TI-Zambia

·  UNDP Romania, Warning Report on the crisis potential, Academic Society of Romania, Bucharest, 2001

·  Davis, Jan, Hirst, Chrissie, Koromi, Judit, The Szeged Small Arms Process, Report May 2002, Saferworld Arms and Security Programme, 2002

·  Transparency International, Annual Report 2002, TI- Germany, 2 copies

·  UNDP Romania, Crisis Prevention Report, Academic Society of Romania, Bucharest, 2002

·  The Lebanese Transparency Association, Annual Report 2002- 2003, TI-Liban

·  Global Forum on Fighting Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity II, Final Report, Haga, Olanda, 28-31 May 2001

·  Phare Inception Report, Improving of Competitive, Transparent, Working Procedures for Awarding the Public Procurement Contract, Phare, 20 February 2003

·  Center For The Study of Democracy, Report. Corruption and Trafficking: Monitoring and Prevention, Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia, 2000

·  A Global Forum on Fighting Corruption: Safeguarding Integrity Among Justice and Security Officials, Final Conference Report, Washington, D.C., February 24-26, 1999, 2 exemplare

·  Regional Conference of Central and East European Countries on Fighting Corruption, The Judiciary, Law Enforcement and Society in the Fight Against Corruption, Final Report, Bucharest, 30-31 March, 2000, 2 exemplare

·  OSI/ EU Accession Monitoring Program, Romania- Corruption Report, TI- Romania, 2001

·  Corruption Assessment Report 2000, Coalition 2000, Sofia, December 2000

·  Directia pentru comunicare, presa si relatii publice a Camerei Deputatilor, Activitatea Camerei Deputatilor in anii 2000-2002, Regia Autonoma Monitorul Oficial, 2002, 2 exemplare

·  Transparency International , Corruption 1993-2003, TI-Berlin

·  Center for the Study of Democracy, Annual Report 1999, Building Bridges, CSD, 2000

·  Transparency International- Macedonia, National Integrity System, Republic of Macedonia, Country Study Report, September 2002, 3 exemplare

·  Transparency International, Global Corruption Report 2003, Special Focus: Access to information, 2003, 3 exemplare

·  Transparency International , Global Corruption Report 2001, TI- 2001, 3 exemplare

·  Transparency International, Report 1998, Combating Corruption. Are lasting solutions emerging?, TI- Berlin,1998, 2 exemplare

·  Transparency International, Report 1997, The Fight Against Corruption Is the Tide Now Turning?, TI-Berlin, April 1997 Forumul Constitutional , Raport final,iulie-octombrie 2002

·  Transparency International Romania, The Annual Report 2001

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