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2012, 6th of September

It is with deepest regrets that Transparency International Romania has to announce the passing of one of the greatest methodologists and ideologists of the fight against corruption in the 20th century and at the same time one of the founding fathers of Transparency International, the theorist Jeremy Pope. A significant part of what our organization has built in the domain of fighting corruption and promoting integrity on all social levels was based on the foundation laid by Jeremy Pope while benefiting from the assistance provided by the precious tools he supplied such as the National Integrity System.

Starting from fundamental concepts such as the balance of powers within the state or the Theory of Counterpowers, Jeremy Pope proposed an ample theoretical construction based on the balanced involvement of all components of the modern state in fighting corruption. These components were represented within the National Integrity System by pillars supporting the rule of law, the quality of life and sustainable development; and they are as follows: the executive, the civil society, the private sector, the public sector, the judicial system, law enforcement institutions, the media, monitoring agencies and the parliament. The analysis methods grounded by Jeremy Pope provide the only tools to verify the compliance of modern societies to the integrity system.

The special methodological contribution of Jeremy Pope was widely acknowledged. It was no later than 2011 when the European Union financed the comprehensive and comparative assessment of the member states starting from the methods and instruments of this theorist as an analysis of the framework and the existent conditions for the development of the Stockholm Programme.

As a lawyer, Human Rights Commissioner and fearful defender of integrity, responsibility and democracy, Jeremy Pope was an example for civil society of bravery, perseverance and righteousness. The fact that he is no longer among us must go beyond the immeasurable sadness of losing a mentor and a groundbreaker to the challenge of carrying on his mission in a way that would make him proud of the legacy he left behind.

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