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2013, 11th of November

Launch of the Pact for Integrity and Transparency in the Romanian Business Environment

Transparency International will launch Friday, 29th of November 2013, the Pact for integrity and transparency in the Romanian business environment, during the international conference on the subject of Integrity in Business: Key for sustainable and long term prosperity, which will take place between the 27th and 29th of November 2013 at Hotel Intercontinental, Bucharest, Romania.

The document underlines the standards of integrity and transparency in business and was conceived and developed by Transparency International Romania along with a few companies that know all too well the impact corruption can have on society in general and which are aware of their responsibility towards the society in which they perform their economic activities.

The companies that will choose to sign this document during the three days event take on the mission to contribute towards the creation of a culture of integrity and transparency by rearranging and consolidating the value and principles system at the level of the Romanian society on the following grounds: Responsibility to society, employees and shareholders, Transparency 360º, Inclusive development, Sustainable development, Fairness to consumers, Collective action, Proactivity, Compliance and complementarity, Credibility. Moreover, by adhering to this Pact, signatory companies also adopt the values and principles share by Transparency International Romania, which represent guidelines in creating an integer, transparent and responsible business environment.

The Pact represents the individual and collective commitment of member companies in order to generate an economic and social model based on ethical values and principles as a solution for the healthy development of the Romanian society, eliminating inequalities, corruption, undue power and frauds.

Moreover, during the first day of the conference, Transparency International Romania will launch other four pacts of integrity destined for the academic sector, the civil society, SMEs and medical system. These documents were created along the three years in which Transparency International Romania implemented the project POSDRU 63280 “Together for integrity, social responsibility and sustainable development” through working groups, debates and other events organized at a national level.

For more details on the event and pact please visit: http://www.businessintegrity.ro/conference or http://www.transparency.org.ro

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