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2013, 29th of November

Pact for Integrity and Transparency in Business

The representatives of the business environment have founded today 29th of November 2013 the Pact for Integrity and Transparency in Business. The symbolic signing of the document was made by a group of representative companies from all economical branches, in the last day of the International Conference Integrity in Business: Key for sustainable and long term prosperity, organized by Transparency International Romania.

The foundation of the Pact is the result of the efforts of the Center for Integrity in Business which, for the past 3 years has worked as a catalyzer, causing the companies to be aware of the impact of corruption in all its forms and of their duty toward the community which generates income for them, to build together a platform of action for integrity and for social and economic accountability.

The Pact states both the individual and collective commitment of the member companies to generate a social and economic model based on moral and ethical values as a solution to sustainable development of the Romanian society and elimination of inequalities, corruption, abuse of power and fraud.

The member companies of the Pact are taking the role of promoting an ethical business model that contribute to inclusive economic development, to effectively build credibility in the Romanian business environment and reflect the social, cultural and commercial Romanian society.

The member companies of the Pact for Integrity and Transparency in Business are taking the mission of contributing to the creation of a culture of transparency and integrity by reordering and consolidating the Romanian society’s system of values and principles based on the following foundations: responsibility to society, employees and shareholders, transparency, inclusive development, sustainable development, honesty towards consumers, collective action, proactive attitude, compliance and complementary credibility.

Everyone whom over the past three years have contributed and have committed to transparency and integrity will join the today’s subscribers of the Pact.

The conference has been organized as part of the Together for integrity, social responsibility and sustainable development financed through POSDRU and co-financed through the financial support of Siemens and Raiffeisen Bank. More details on the event will be available on the conference website http://www.businessintegrity.ro/conference.

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phone:+ 40 731 332 902

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