The general objective of the project is to understand how and when individuals decide to demand accountability and thereby reduce opportunities for corruption.

Implementation period:
March 2015 – December 2015

TI Romania in collaboration with the TI Secretariat


  • Gain a better understanding of how citizens experience corruption
  • Gain a better understanding of what challenges and opportunities people face to do something about the corruption they encounter in their daily lives
  • Map promising strategies and profile courageous, motivating examples of resisting corruption


  • Organizing 4 consultations with key players in public procurement
  • Disseminating brochures on integrity pacts and their role in public procurement procedures
  • Conducting meetings with the leadership of managing authorities, in which was discussed their involvement in signing future integrity pacts


  • Conducting 4 focus groups on the motivations of people in resisting corruption
  • Developing a report on the motivations of people in resisting corruption

8000 EUR

The European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program