The guide includes topics such as: the analyze of the values which represent the infrastracture of the Romanian business; perceptions and organizational practices; the specific, legislative framework, which can be applied at national level; concepts that can be applied for business integrity; solutions and recomandations for Transparency International Romania.

The right to have free juridical assistance is an indispensable part of the guarantees regarding a fair trial. The essence of this right consists in the fact that one can benefit from sparing or aid regarding these expenses or they can be assisted or represented by a lawyer, without having to pay for it.

The integrity guide in the judiciary system management is a guideline for the unitary interpretation of the intern administrative procedural provisions.

The guide wants to support the Civil Society, institutions and public authorities at the local and central level, as well as other people, by informing and raising awareness about the importance of the efficient take-up of European funds allocated for Romania, respecting the integrity conditions.

This guide was created inside the “Promoting a good management and increasing citizen’s satisfaction regarding public services” project, financed by Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe. In order to implement this guide, institutional partners such as Craiova’s Local Authorities, the National Institute for Administration, National Institute for Marketing and Surveys and Municipal Society from Romania have contributed.

This publication is a guide through which the public integrity in the educational environment concept is explained, in order to encourage a proactive attitude for approaching situations with low integrity potential, identified by teachers, administrative staff, pupils or parents.

This guide presents the provisions of Law 52/2003, the informing and consulting instruments of the citizens who can make possible the efficient application of this law, as well as the recommendations for improving the situation.

Monitoring report for cases reported for the Juridical Anticorruption Resource Centre between January 2006 and October 2006.

This guide aims to present the procedural Romanian law system, by using a detailed presentation of law principals, of the abilities of the juridical instances, of the procedural rights, for revealing the legal ways of reporting corruption deeds and acts.

This guide aims to teach and inform citizens regarding the legal ways for acquiring and reacquiring the ownership. This guide is a compilation of legislation regarding ownership.

This guide aims to present the legal ways of compliance against corruption in the public healthcare system.

This document includes a series of proposals and suggestions for the management of the judiciary system. Their main goal is to allow the Romanian judiciary system to improve its efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

This guide aims to present the legal ways of compliance against corruption in the Romanian education system.

As a result of the implementation of the law regarding whistle blowing, this guide would be an instrument for the target group, the whistle blowers. This guide will translate in an easier manner the recently adopted law.

This guide aims to present the legal ways of compliance against corruption in police.

This guide aims to present integrity standards and legal ways of compliance against corruption or against the juridical acts that lack integrity.