Ethics and Conformity Management System (ECMS)

The strategic objective of this consultancy program provided by Transparency International Romania is the next one: identifying and implementing the ethical and deontological values necessary to ensure  effective operation of the institution, of good governance and the growth of trust capital of stakeholders in the organization's brand. The program is built on three stages, each stage having a series of quantifiable activities, which allow the entire process to follow during its performance.

Stage I

The analysis of the social and economic context in which the organisation operates, and the analysis of the regulations and governance principles applicable to the organisation.

The analysis of processes at the level of the organisation and of the external environment, as well as the diagnosis of the organisational culture.

Updating of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applicable at the level of the organisation.


Stage II

The analysis of the institutional framework with a view to identifying the organisational structures needed for ethics and compliance management.

The identification of the mechanisms and tools needed for ethics and compliance management, as well as the elaboration of procedures/methodologies/instructions needed for ethics and compliance management.


Stage III

Analysis of institutional transparency

Application of provisions on non-financial reporting of Law no. 544/2001

Elaboration of procedures and indicators regarding the analysis of transparency in the reporting of the institution.

Provision of legal consultancy on aspects related to ethics, integrity and compliance based on the evolutions within the community area.


Main benefits

Building an integrity culture within the institution. Adopting good practice in the field of corporate governance

Developing an integrated institutional strategy focused on maximising profit following compliance policies

Developing corporate social responsibility policies

Defining the mission, the vision and the values of the institution

Identifying and defining the ethical as well as the professional ethics values that need to be assumed

Updating the Code of Ethics of the institution

Creating the institutional framework needed to ensure the efficient management of ethics and compliance within the institution

Creating the mechanisms and tools needed for ethics and compliance management

Ensuring the compliance of internal documents with regulations on ethics, integrity, transparency, compliance

Developing a system for the management of reporting on deviations from ethics via professional alert devices