Integrity Summit for Prosperity

Integrity for Prosperity Caravan


Transparency International Romania, the Rotary Club and the Griffiths School of Management organize regularly the Integrity for Prosperity Caravan, a series of summits meant to ensure the promotion of integrity as a main key of success in developing the business environment.


All stakeholders involved in development of local communities are invited to participate at these summits. The participants are representants from the public administration, business environment, academia, as well as people from the non-governmental sector. The meetings are designed as thematic conferences, offering an adequate floor for discussing the participants’ topics of interest.


The caravan has over 20 editions by now, which were organized in several cities of Romania. Each of these editions has enjoyed a high level of success due to the topics addressed, the professionalism of the speakers, as well as the quality of the participants at these meetings. In 2017 only, 8 Integrity for Prosperity Summits have taken place in the following cities: Craiova, Alba Iulia, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Brăila, Deva, Buzău, Galați and Slobozia. In 2018, the caravan was present in 3 regional centres: Târgu Jiu, Deva and Târgu Mureș, while in 2019 the meetings have taken place in 2 other regional centres, Alba-Iulia and Galați and in the capital - Bucharest.


Through the Integrity for Prosperity Caravan, Transparency International Romania reaffirms its support for transparency and integrity in the business environment and makes important steps towards this aim. The transparency and integrity of the Romanian business environment will contribute decisively to the country’s economic development and the well-being of the local communities, for an “honest Romania, without corruption”.


The configuration of the Integrity for Prosperity meetings provide at the same time, an excellent opportunity for networking, exchange of experiences and good practices between public and private sector representatives, while creating the optimal conditions for their long-term cooperation, which consolidates the sustainability of transparent and accountable entrepreneurship.