Support and consulting on the Internal Management Control System (IMCS)

TI-Romania has created its own concept that provides a realistic and useful result to the beneficiaries. Our approach combines technical assistance for the implementation of the Internal Management Control System with the necessary training for its effective use post implementation, with outstanding results. Compared with the classical instruments used so far in the implementation of the Internal Management Control System - namely drafting system procedures in a laboratory, with not subsequent used (as highlighted in Audit reports of the Court of Accounts) or generic presentation trainings on IMCS - the methodology promoted by TI-Romania emphasizes::

The inclusive development of the procedures, in cooperation with the staff to whom they are to be applied

Learning by doing

Combining management with specialized competences at the level of beneficiary institution.


Stage 1: The analysis of the internal management control system in accordance with the requirements stipulated in SGG no. 200/2016


Identifying the information flow both within a department and between departments

Identifying dysfunctionalities and their causes

Analysing risks

Stage 2: Training the personnel in order to enable them to adapt to the current functions under the IMCS conditions


Developing a customized professional training program regarding IMCS

Stage 3: Elaborating the documentation for the management system


Elaborating internal control tools and system and operational procedures in compliance with the provisions of SGG Order no. 200/2016.

Monitoring the implementation of working procedures.

Stage 4: Maintaining and consolidating the results obtained via the implementation of IMCS


Procedures and documents that are in compliance with the IMCS regulations and the internal needs regarding the implementation

Punctual recommendations in the form of questions and answers based on the requests of the institution representatives