Transparency International Romania is known as a nongovernmental organisation that emphasizes prevention and proposes solutions for the consolidation of integrity, for the prevention of corruption and the remediation of vulnerabilities identified both within public institutions and in the business sector.

Transparency International Romania is a national member of one international nongovernmental organisation dedicated to combatting corruption; it is recognised as such and it has the status of a consultative NGO for international institutions such as the UN Economic and Social Council (since 2003), the World Bank, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (since 2004).


We stress prevention

We are involved in the community with a view to developing a social culture of integrity and responsibility.

We propose solutions for the prevention of corruption in public administration and in the private sector via top services and products.


We act in partnership with institutions and organisations that promote the same values we do.


We open new opportunities at a regional and local level for all those who want to promote integrity in the communities they live in.

Transparency International Romania Impact


over 120 conferences and more than 3500 participants




over 130 training sessions and more than 4800 participants



over 50 sessions and more than 1700 participants

Transparency International Romania in more than 18 years of activity

We’ve published more than 120 studies and guidelines for citizens, businesspeople and professional of the judiciary

More than 40 proposals for public policies and rules elaborated and promoted by have been adopted by the authorities.

Among which:

  • The incrimination of the abuse of office as a corruption crime;

  • The first law within the EU on the protection of whistleblowers, Law no. 571/2004;

  • Adopting codes of conduct for the contractual staff of public institutions;

  • Modifying art. 191 of Law no. 78/2000 on preventing, discovering and sanctioning of corruption offences, article based on which 25% of the NAD cases are currently solved;

Through the proposed initiatives, recommendations and solutions, TI-Romania has contributed to the foundation and rendering operational of public institutions with anti-corruption competences, such as:

  • the National Anticorruption Directorate – via the strategic committee
  • the National Integrity Agency – via the National Integrity Council.

Also, TI-Romania has contributed to the consolidation and proper functioning of public institutions, such as

  • the National Anticorruption Directorate
  • the National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering


More than 6000 citizens who have received advice and have been assisted within the ALAC centre


The first 5 Integrity Pacts signed by the representatives of the business environment, the academia, NGOs/unions, the health sector and SMEs, counting more than 60 founding members.


We’ve conducted more than 300 (professional) training sessions for more than 6.000 trainees in the public sector and the business sector.


Through the projects and activities that it carries out, as well as the initiatives and the solutions it has implemented, TI-RO continues the endeavour of generating a critical mass of peple that match the values of Transparency International and that use the tools developed withi the organisation in order to promote integrity at the level of their community.


Integrity Solutions

Transparency International Romania offers customized solutions and tools to strengthen the principles of ethics and compliance within the organization/company, to offer remedies to identified vulnerabilities, performance management and training for employees.

We have created a concept that provides a realistic and useful result to the beneficiaries by combining technical implementation assistance with the training necessary for effective use post implementation, with outstanding results.

Institutional development milestones