Aim of the project:

The main objective of this Project was to contribute to the improvement of transparency standards at the level of municipalities in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria through assisting local governments to ensure a transparent public life.

The results of the Project

  • A comparative study on the level of transparency in the local public administrations from the three countries involved in the Project, based on a common methodology
  • Recommendations to political actors regarding the standards of transparency, accountability, and access to information that should apply at the local level of decision-making
  • A final Report containing the evaluation of results and the recommendations
  • A regional workshop

Role of your organisation:

This project involved the participation of three organizations: TI Romania, Glass Pocket Office Budapest, and TI Bulgaria.

Project beneficiaries: local administrations from all three contries, local comunities, local politicians. The project has a suration of 12 months.

The cost of the Project (for TI Romania):
USD 6.000

Open Society Institute – Budapest, through the programme “Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative”