Project title: Efficient local public administration for citizens, MySMIS code: 126063/ SIPOCA code: 512

Beneficiary: Aiud City Hall, as beneficiary, implements the project in partnership with Transparency International Romania.

Main project’s objective: improving the decision-making process; the strategic planning and minimizing the bureaucracy for citizens, by developing and implementing measures like: mechanism for substantiating decisions; two public policies; an institutional strategic plan; two sectorial strategies; integrate informatics solutions and also by increasing the staff knowledge for implementing the measures developed in the project.

Specific objectives:

Specific objective 1: Improving the process of substantiating decisions at UAT Aiud City Hall level by elaborating two public policies in priority areas at the UAT level.

Specific objective 2: Improving the strategic planning process at UAT City Hall Aiud level, by elaborating and approving an institutional strategic plan for 2020-2021 period and elaborating and approving two sectorial strategies for 2021-2025 period in health and social assistance domains.

Specific objective 3: Simplification of the administrative procedures and reduction of bureaucracy for citizens at the local level, by developing and implementing an integrated front-office and back-office IT solutions package, for online access to services managed exclusively by the UAT and digitization of documents saved in the institution's archive.

Specific objective 4: Developing the skills of UAT Aiud City Hall and local government subordinate institution’s staff on specific topics of interest related to OS2.1 and the overall project objective, including local public policies, strategic planning, the use of IT systems developed in the project.

Aimed outcomes:

Project outcome 1: An ex-post analysis for the strategies and council decisions elaborated and approved since 2016.

Project outcome 2: Two sectorial public policies elaborated and approved in the priority areas: health and social assistance.

Project outcome 3: An institutional strategic plan elaborated (PSI) related to the 2020-2021 years.

Project outcome 4: Two sectorial strategies elaborated and approved at the UAT level, to be applied in the 2021-2025 period.

Project outcome 5: Integrated IT package for online access at the UAT- exclusively managed services, including: a platform that provides digital the core workflows from UAT Aiud; online parking management system; an online City Alert app.

Project outcome 6: A system that provides archival document management and retro-digitalization, implemented at the UAT level.

Project outcome 7: improving the knowledge and abilities of 100 people from UAT Aiud City Hall and local government subordinate institution’s staff, in order to support the measures / actions aimed in the OS 2.1.

Total value of the project: 3.372.190, 25 lei

Implementation period: March 2019 – June 2022

Co-funded project from the European Social Fund by the Operational Program Administrative Capacity 2014–2020.


Primăria Municipiului Aiud
Primăria si Consiliul Local Aiud

Transparency International Romania