Project aim:

The project aims to promote NGO’s as important social actors and expertise providers in the field of raising awareness on major social issues. This will be achieved through a national information campaign on the legal and deontological regulations on receiving bribes in a public capacity.

Project outcomes:
  • a national study diagnosing the causes, mechanisms and volume of accepting bribes in different fields of activity
  • a report on deontological/ethical regulations on accepting bribe, after consultations with professional associations from fields of activity that are frequently associated with small corruption;
  • an information campaign on deontological/ethical regulations on accepting bribe, a campaign incorporating several components: TV video clips and radio jingles, a web page, brochures and other materials, campaign presentation folders, banners, FYI-type of materials;
  • developing a new section of online publication to include journalistic materials on topics related to the campaign;
  • press conferences to launch the campaign and other important events during the campaign.
TI Romania’s role in the project:

Transparency International Romania is partners with Concept Foundation and Online Press Editors Association in this project. TI Romania’s role in the project is to participate directly in the design of the anticorruption messages, to provide corruption-related informational materials, to be involved in reunions and consultations, distribute materials and ensure anticorruption counselling via the campaign site and


 148,800 euros

Project donors:

The European Union, via the Civil Society PHARE Program, Action 3: Democracy, human rights, rightful state and independence of the justice