Project aim and locale:

The project aimed to accomplish an evaluation of the current situation regarding access to public information in Romania and Yugoslavia and to promote free access to information in a public campaign carried out in both countries. The project’s locales are Bucharest and Belgrade.

Project outcomes:

  • evaluation reports on policies ensuring access to public information in Romania and Yugoslavia;
  • edit and disseminate promotional materials on access to public information (posters, flyers, mini-guides for citizens), in Romanian and Serbian;
  • organize a seminar with the participation of the Public Information Minister, the Liberal initiators of the public information legislative project, Eugen Vasiliu and Mona Musca, as well as other institutions and organizations with an interest in access to public information.

TI Romania's role in the project:

Transparency International Romania is the main organization implementing this project, in partnership with the Centre for Policy Studies in Belgrade.


USD 61,300

Project donors:

United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through America’s Development Foundation (ADF).