Project aim:

Strengthening the role of the civil society in sustaining the rule of law through supporting an integral use of the structural funds in Romania.

Implementation period:

December 2007 – September 2008

Project outcomes:

  • 1 network of minimum 16 NGOs
  • 1 Integrity Guide with regards to the execution of contracts developed with European Funds. (download romanian version of guide)
  • 16 trained representatives of local NGOs from 8 development areas
  • 1 Training support
  • 1 training session for the representatives of local NGOs
  • 1 monitoring report with regards with the integrity of structural funds after January 1st 2007 al a regional and national level
  • 1000 integrity guides published and distributed
  • 1 website dedicated to the integrity in contracting and spending European funds.
  • 1 strategy regarding the raising the integrity in using structural funds in Romania
  • 1 press conference

Download Monitoring Report with regards with the integrity of structural funds (pdf)

Ti-Ro’s role in the project:

  • Building a national network of NGOs which have the capacity to monitor the contracting and spending of post-adherence funds.
  • Establishing a monitoring mechanism for the use of European funds, other than the public one.

€ 40 150

PHARE 2005