Transparency International Romania assumes that the private sector plays a key role in shaping the way society responds to the corruption phenomenon, given the fact that a “clean”, integer, and transparent business environment can decisively contribute to the Romanian economic development. Building integrity in business is a challenge for both companies and their stakeholders. To create a culture of integrity requires their joint efforts – it is the only way to generate sustainable growth and healthy development of society in general.

In this regard, Transparency International Romania offers:

  • Organizational analysis and institutional development by elaborating and implementing the Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Management consulting for defining and operationalizing ethics and compliance management
  • Staff training services
  • Consultancy Pack, legal advisory and implementation of whistleblowing mechanisms
  • Development and promotion of company’s anti-corruption policy for supply and distribution chain
  • Integrity Certification

*Business service offer is provided with international expertise and Transparency International Business Integrity Program's know-how. 
**Organizations that undergo the dedicated business service package may register in Transparency International Romania Corporate Supporters Forum


For more information about Centre for Integrity in Business, please access project's website