The aim of the project is to encourage whistleblowing through raising people’s awareness of whistleblowing legislation and instruments.

Implementation period:
March 2015 – June 2016

TI Romania in collaboration with the TI Secretariat


  • Learn from the public sector experience and develop and pilot a dedicated solution for whistleblower protection in the private sector that relies on the general legal framework and the internal regulations mandatory to be adopted by the companies.
  • Encourage the disclosure of wrongdoings and the identification of the vulnerabilities that led to it, in order to allow companies to close them and secure their profit and reputation


  • 10 trainings (5 trainings online and 5 trainings face to face) developed for ethics advisors from public and private institutions regarding the implementation of the efficient mechanisms to protect whistleblowers.
  • An audio training guide book.
  • An online information and advocacy campaign on promoting good practices to protect whistleblowers and the role of whistleblowers in a democratic country, as well as how the companies can implement the efficient mechanisms for whistleblower protection.
  • A guide of good practices regarding the protection of whistleblowing in the private and public sectors published and disseminated to interested stakeholders.


  • 10 trainings (5 trainings online and 5 trainings face to face)
  • 100 participants to trainings
  • 1 audio training guide book.
  • 1 online information and advocacy campaign
  • 1 good practices guide

Total value of the project:
21.050 EUR

Stichting Adessium Foundation