Project aim:
Improving the administrative capacity of the Procurement and Payment Bureau (CFCU) within the Public Finances Ministry, regarding the management of pre and post adherence funds, respecting the highest standards of quality. March 2007- March 2009

Project outcomes:

  • Checking and altering the technical documents, accompanied by a quality warranty
  • A quality checking list
  • A market analysis in order to determine the degree to which loyal competition is possible
  • Assistance for the programme managers in case there are changes from the initial contract
  • Checking the evaluation method of the applications, from a technical perspective
  • An analysis of the risks regarding public acquisitions and contracting.
  • An analysis of and recommendations for the improvement of the activity of the Department for the Quality Check.
  • A guide regarding the insurance of quality standards.

Ti-Ro’s role in the project:

  • Giving assistance in the process of approving the documentation afferent to the auction and the evaluation process.
  • Giving assistance for the processing of technical documents, with regards to the enforcement of the contracts.
  • Training the staff involved in quality checks.
  • Actualizing the procedures for quality checks.

EUR 1.247.750