The essence of the state is law itself which, through its absolute supremacy, ensures the guarantee and the compliance of the rights of its citizens. In a rule of law system, law can be applied only with the help of democratic institutions that aim to ensure the internal and external security of its citizens. Therefore, the rule of law system is based on a hierarchy of norms that generate judiciary order.

Since a couple of years ago, Romania has the difficult task to decrease the lack of judiciary consistency and judiciary practices. Unfortunately, because of a large number of deficiencies in the Romanian judiciary system, as well as the huge amount of normative acts and the alarming evolution of corruption, the recorded progress is lower.

We need to find mechanism that, once implemented, guarantees the realization and consideration of an independent, impartial, credible and efficient judiciary system, based on the decisional transparency principles.

Ensuring the finality reforming process of justice in Romania depends on having a coherent legislative framework, for correlating all the normative acts that will be adopted or modified, as well as eliminating any disparity.