Project aim:

Improving the fight against corruption

Project outcomes:

  • National information campaign and a communication campaign for the public services, the business environment, educational system, sanitary system and the judicial system.
  • Informational campaigns in the judicial system, the public administration, work and finances, education and public health.
  • Intermediate and final reports
  • Trained staff from the 6 ministries with regards to communication techniques and the way of developing an informational campaign.

Ti-Ro’s role in the project:

  • Raising the awareness of the public with regards of the risks of corruption within the Romanian society
  • Educating the public, as well as the representatives of public services, business environment, education system, sanitary system and the judicial system with regards to the severe consequences of corruption, making them aware of their responsibility in fighting against corruption and informing them on the legal means of action.

EUR 1.570.850